Stack Sats for Doing What You Love

Contribution games have always been an integral part of Wasabi Wallet. Since its inception, individuals have been rewarded for facilitating the software's development via content creation,  software testing or technical support.

We're always open to having new talent so we've outlined multiple ways you can become a  Wasabi Wallet contributor and ultimately stack sats on us.

The Blog Writing Contribution Game

Contributors are encouraged to submit as many entries under the given prompt for the $100 bounty paid in Bitcoin. Once you have submitted your work, it will be reviewed. If it's something on par with the level of writing we'd like to feature in our blog, then you will be rewarded!

Every winner can stack even more sats if they want to continue writing for us. After winning the bounty, you will be contacted to discuss the opportunity to consistently write content for us on a regular basis or as often as you’d like.

The prompt is Bitcoin Privacy Best Practices. Please only submit work that has at least 500 words to [email protected] for consideration.

Political Cartoon Contribution Game

The Cartoonist contribution game invites all political cartoonists to create and submit bitcoin and privacy images for a $100 prize. Nothing is off limits but quality art and pertinent substance material are expected.

Like the blog contribution game, multiple submissions are welcomed. Send your submissions to  [email protected] to be considered.

Software Testing Contribution Game

There can never be enough people testing our software. Click here for more information on how you can contribute to Wasabi Wallet’s software development.

Support Contribution Game

People wanting to learn about Wasabi Wallet and offer technical support on various platforms can join Wasabi Wallet’s support team. However, they must first go through an orientation process where they learn about the inner workings of Wasabi Wallet.

Candidates will then be left on their own to determine how well they can individually offer support to Wasabi users with the possibility of officially joining the Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Support Team.