What’s up with Wasabi Wallet 2.0?

In the last year and a half we have established the main framework for our upcoming 2.0 release. We reviewed all of the CoinJoin literature and published the research paper for our new CoinJoin protocol, WabiSabi. The user interface will be completely replaced by the new one, which will be much more intuitive. We are aiming to offer privacy for everyone and to make privacy the default.


We've created 3 milestones before Wasabi Wallet 2.0 is released in its complete and final version:

  • Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Preview will contain a minimal subset of features, only the most fundamental ones. This milestone aims to have a rudimentary version of the software released so as to start testing and fix all the initial bugs. This should only be used on the bitcoin TestNet network.
  • Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Release Candidate will include all features and will be available to the public for reviewing and testing. We will work on this version until the quality of the software is sufficient.
  • Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Final Release (Series) will be the first version of the 2.0 series.
Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. It is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. ~ Winston Churchill

At this point, we are working on the first milestone, the Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Preview. Check out the timeline below:

Varying Releases for Wasabi 2.0

Wasabi Wallet 1.0 will keep working during the 2.0 final release series. Both services will run in parallel. It will be turned off after most of the users have upgraded to 2.0. Don’t worry, you will have time to play with 2.0 before you actually start using it.

Time estimation for Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Preview

There are still a few uncertainties so there is no exact time estimation. Instead, we enumerated all the tasks and take the worst, optimal and best estimations as an average. So the most probable time estimation is 10 weeks from now but can range anywhere between 6 and 14 weeks as of the publication date for this article.

Probability for Wasabi 2.0 Preview's Completion

Brief presentation by Wasabi Rockstar developers

We put together a brief video presentation of our current progress. Check out the video. It contains a demo of our new user interface!

Wasabi 2.0 Presentation and UI Preview