They said that Bitcoin isn't private, that you couldn't use it without telling everyone about your payments. They said that you had to be an expert before you had a chance to protect your sensitive financial information.

Well, what if I told you that they were wrong and that it’s gotten super easy to make Bitcoin payments without anyone being able to link them all to you? Interested ? Keep reading.

First and foremost, you have to download the latest and greatest Wasabi Wallet 2.0. For many that’s the actual step one, but hey, I know you’re cool and are already running the mighty Wasabi, so you can skip and reclaim your privacy that much quicker.

Maybe you’re a whale, or maybe you’re a pleb, but anyone worth a sat has got a wallet these days, so type in your recovery words to import your keys to Wasabi. If you’re one of those future-coiners who hasn’t got a wallet yet. First, slap yourself and try to wake up. But don’t stress it, you can easily create a new wallet in Wasabi directly. Write down the 12 words and you’re good to go!

Now comes arguably the toughest part. You gotta convince someone to send you some magical internet money. It ain’t easy, ‘cause nobody has enough sats, and everyone wants to stack some more. But I’m sure you’re a fine entrepreneur, so go be productive and earn yourself some treasure worth protecting. That part is easy as pi in Wasabi. Just click “Receive”, write who is sending you that hoard and show him that address. Voila, you've now got more sats than yesterday, that’s what I’d call a good day.

Earning sats is already difficult enough; if you think about it, waiting to spend it can be even more difficult. I know you really wanna have that delicious steak, that fast boat and that hidden citadel. But patience is a virtue (that most of us lack); however it’s all you need at this step. While you are dreaming about how delicious that steak is gonna be, Wasabi is doing magic for you in the background. Who knows what exactly is going on under the hood but the crazy thing is, in just a short amount of time, the coins that other people knew were yours are gone and you got new coins that nobody knows are yours. Magic indeed.

Now that you are fully equipped with truly anonymous money, you can frivolously spend it without worrying that those who paid you sats, know where you spend them. But oh well, maybe, just maybe, that short lesson in waiting has made you realize that indeed, you could continue fasting a little more, not buy that steak but hold on to those precious sats just a little longer instead. Who knows, your great grandchildren could buy themselves a spaceship to the stars with those sats.

Earn sats, wait, spend sats. Wasabi is made to help you do that and just that, without revealing your important financial data to everyone in the world.

Reclaim your privacy. Effortlessly. With Wasabi 2.0.