As the holidays quickly approach, I comfort myself with the thought that most of the adults in this world are waiting until the last minute to purchase all their gifts because they’re too busy wrapping up work for the end of the year, hosting/attending Christmas parties and or have a Netflix watchlist that’s entirely too long. Marginally worrying about this causing a problem, I’ve developed a contingency plan.

It is universally accepted that the best gift is the thoughtfully personalized gift of a gift card. Cash has been vilified as implying that you just don’t care or that you couldn’t take the time to think about the person you're gifting to. Yet gift cards somehow imply that you’ve thought about that person to a degree that you’re willing to give them a limitation as to where they should spend their gift. It’s as if you’re communicating to your friend/family member/colleague or acquaintance, “I know you well enough to know that you would never shop at ____, but not well enough to do your shopping for you.”

Since everyone surely thinks exactly like me and everyone is also actively trying to propel Bitcoin’s mass adoption and acceptance, then how can you gift gift cards while paying in Bitcoin? Of course, you could just find out if the store you’re wanting to associate your recipient’s shopping habits with accepts Bitcoin, but the short answer is: probably not. Instead, try Paxful!

At first sight, the website seems like a typical online crypto currency exchange. However, it’s more! The beautiful thing about Paxful is that you can choose so many ways to either buy or sell X. Unlike cryptocurrency exchanges that limit you to fiat, Bitcoin and unfortunately, shitcoins, Paxful takes a very decentralized approach to…everything.

Here's how to do it:

Start by switching it to sell instead of buy (top right corner of the screen).

Then click on the Get paid via box.

Select gift cards and scroll down to find whatever store you think matches your _____’s courteously narcissistic personality the best.

Then determine how much your _____ is worth this year by putting the value of the gift card into the I Want To Get field.

And then click on the Find Offers button.

Of course, this is a peer to peer network, so if you enter a reasonable sum (like 10 or 20 euros), then you’re probably going to find a lot of buyers. However, making your offer unreasonable of course will most likely not yield any results.

There’s also a far less snarky explanation on how to use Paxful on Paxful’s website, but where’s the fun in that? Regardless, the amazing thing here is that with Paxful, you can use your sats to buy gift cards for someone and not even have to deal with wrapping the gift since it’s just a code they get to use when shopping online. This means you don’t have to orange pill them, walk them through buying a cold wallet or downloading a hot wallet, teach them how to send you the address, etc. Instead, just send them the appropriate amount of fiat that quantifies your relationship in the context of the store you think characterizes them best. If this isn’t the ultimate last-minute shopping idea for Bitcoiners, what is?