The blog writing contribution game has been a great success. It's impressive to see how many of you within the community, not only understand the complex concepts surrounding Bitcoin privacy but can also write about them in a comprehensible and compelling way.

Moving forward in the new year, we've decided to make this more of a bounty than a game. We are altering the game so that we're doing away with the deadlines and we are no longer limited to accepting only one submission a month.

What this means for you is that you are no longer competing with anyone each month for the $100 bounty paid in Bitcoin. Submit your work and we will review it. If it's something on par with the level of writing we'd like to feature in our blog, then you will be rewarded!

Every winner then has the opportunity to stack even more sats if they want to continue writing for us. We're excited to see more and more contributing authors being featured on our blog and it's our intention to post even more technical articles for the community. After winning the bounty, we will contact you to discuss the opportunity to consistently write content for us for an even bigger prize.

The prompt is: Why Bitcoin Needs to Stay Private and please only submit work that has at least 500 words for consideration. Please email your submission to [email protected] and good luck!