Wasabi is an open-source, non-custodial, privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet for Desktop, that implements trustless CoinJoin magic.

After many years of research  Ádám Ficsor came up with an idea on how to better protect your transaction history and private information while transacting on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Following the implementation of many privacy protocols, we are now the leading provider of impenetrable bitcoin obfuscation for those who agree that using Bitcoin shouldn’t be much different than using cash from a privacy point of view.
We are continuously working and developing the wallet in order to provide one of the most valuable human rights: your privacy.

There are many contributors working on Wasabi. Over 50 peers have already contributed to the repository, and more and more supporters are joining us all the time. Four of the main contributors are Ádám Ficsor [co-founder and former CTO of zkSNACKs Ltd, co-author of the zero link Bitcoin fungibility framework], Lucas Ontivero [lead engineer of zkSNACKs Ltd], Dávid Molnár [CTO of zkSNACKs Ltd], and Dan Walmsley [co-maintainer of Avalonia UI Framework].

The Founders
Left: Gergely Hajdú - Center: Adam Ficsor - Right: Bálint Harmat

Click on our website to download Wasabi Wallet and begin reclaiming your privacy.